Sit down comedy.

It’s funny.
Stand up comedy isn’t my favorite. It’s rare I laugh and I usually view it as an opportunity to judge the person before me who is only trying to fill the world with their version of entertainment.
Like… Ok let’s see if you’re worth my time. That takes alllll kinds of balls to put yourself out there and then I feel like an asshole.. Much like I do when I people watch. Which I absolutely deserve to feel. Like, how full of myself am I? Hahaha it’s amazing, I’m actually a horribly insecure person which surprises most. I overcompensate.
I enjoy laughter, who doesn’t? Sometimes I see myself in that standup format… On stage. Giving my “gift” to the world. People laughing away because I’m just soooooo witty *enter sarcasm* … Or maybe that’s attention seeking sarcasm haha I am witty and I know it.
I realized my stage is the very “private” world of the internets. I can sit, write, reflect, and think and not have to worry about the immediate opinion of my audience or be confronted after I’ve “finished my set”. Well at least not until I log in.
I can take it and leave it as I see fit.
It’s a most perfect relationship… Haha at least the relationship I’m developing with myself… The most selfish of it’s kind.
Blogging, this type of writing, is sit down comedy. And my version of it.
You’re welcome.