Official chapter 1

I decided that I would type up one paragraph excerpts for each chapter to gain practice in writing query letters.
These are specially chosen as what I deem to either be the most entraining or intriguing part of the chapter… Or the section that might best define the chapter.
Chapter 1 Candid Manipulation

This second time around I was thinking, well, at least be open minded and listen. And, I did. I used my objective thinking and decided it was ridiculous to shut down any kind of opportunity without hearing all of the possible benefits/pitfalls.
Ever want to leave the J O B? Joyless Occupational Bondage. I go to this “event/dinner night” whatever and they give you all the possibilities to leave your gig. They make you feel like you hate how you make your living. We were asked if we loved our jobs and my hand shot up like lightning. Next to my family I hadn’t ever been so passionate about anything as much as I was as a manager. I like the control it gives me.


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