Writers are conceited

Haha actually, more specifically, bloggers.
We deem our words important enough to voice and to voice publicly. We reach out and hope to touch our readers on an emotional level… Not the make you cry kind.. Unless you enjoy that kind of thing.. But really, any emotion. Haha pretty vague. I just. Want. To. Touch you. Your feelers that is. Ultimately just make you laugh. Anyways.
We are. Hot. Shit.
The smells like roses kind of hot shit.
My shit don’t stink kind of hot shit.
We violate your minds on the daily… And now, possibly, I’ve violated your senses.
On that note. I have GREATLY missed blogging. I have taken a several year break from writing and earlier this year I was inspired to start again. I am writing a book and to help me find regular inspiration… Thanks to friends really… I decided to blog again. Lucky you.
Lucky me.
A great artist once said, “we’re up all night to get lucky”.


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